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Anusha Energy Healing Training

Anusha Healing Training has three levels of Atonement (At-one-ment).  Training workshops are run in small groups and include guided meditations, visualisation excercises and connection to the Anusha Energy by means of the 'Atonement' process.


During the levels of training, you will be introduced to the Anusha symbols, the six pointed star, the energies of associated celestial beings and Shiva Lingam stones.


Level 1 – A one day training course.  Cost = £75.

Includes introduction to the history of Anusha, the Master symbol, the first four symbols and related energies and an 'atonement' process.


Level 2 - A one day training course.  Cost = £75.

Introduction to the next four symbols and a further 'atonement'


Level 3: Master Level -A one day training course.  Cost = £100.

Introduction and 'atonement' to the final four symbols of the basic principal.

 Training is available on application.


           Call Lauren at the Otherworld Gallery on 01296 711555 for date options.


Page Under Re-Construction.  Anusha Training No Longer Available.