The Otherworld Gallery

Otherworldly Music

The Otherworld Gallery is pleased to present our new range of CDs for meditation and mindfulness.

The CDs have been lovingly produced in Glastonbury by

The Alchemists of Sound and Zen Dub

Do Not Listen to Meditation CDs whilst driving or operating machinery.


Crystal Sound Activation.

by The Alchemists of Sound

The sounds on this CD combine two of the most ancient and healng modalities – crystals and sound.  Listening to this CD, whilst holding any crystal of your choice, will help to reconnect to Mother Earth, clear and strengthen your energy field,

and to activate your chakras.  The perfect companion to any healing or meditative session.



by Zen Dub and The Alchemist

Singing bowls and chanting monks combine with deep ethereal pads and nature sounds to slowly guide you to a feeling of happiness and wellbeing as you form a connection with your higher consciousness. 

Crystal Labyrinth

by Zen Dub and The Alchemist

Beautiful crystalline sounds to guide you through a musical labyrinth to arrive at a moment of pure bliss.


Enter the Theta

by Alchemists of Sound

A collection of the purest sounds and frequencies generated by crystalline instruments including crystal forks, singing bowls and singing crystals.  Listening to these frequencies can help you reach a levelof deep meditative relaxation and enter the ultimate Theta state of being.


Radio Cosmos

by Alchemists of Sound

Recorded at the Archangel Michael Chapel, Glastonbury.

Crystalline download of galactic frequencies and cosmic chants augmented with graceful and luscious guitar textures combined with deep resonant basses and hang handpan……the rhythm of the universe.  This music will take you on a journey into far corners of the cosmos leaving you feeling relaxed and inspired.



by Alchemists of Sound

Equinox is based on recordings featuring the classic Hang handpan combined with the Japanese Kyoto, creating a unique soundscape.  This has been supplemented with other sacred sound instruments and crystalline sounds including crystal bowls, and Tibetan bells.


Distant Lands

by Zen Dub

10 tracks of deep atmospheric Drum & Bass/Dubstep. From the rolling euphoric vibes of “Panacea” to the beautiful melodies of “Final Chapter” featuring Daygan on Mandolin or the deep guitar swells of “Cherish”, this album is brimming with unique quality sound.


Free Your Mind

by Zen Dub

10 tracks of highly atmospheric music. Allow the sounds and frequencies on this album to take you on a journey into deep relaxation where you can truly free your mind, access your imagination and make contact with your higher being.