All Crystal Healing Training is conducted in the comfortable and private surroundings of The Otherworld Gallery, Winslow
under the tuition of Crystal Master Teacher, Lauren Isherwood.
For a current list of training dates and times, please refer to the 'Workshops and Training Schedule' page of this website.

Level 1

Course includes:
Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Energy
Choosing, Cleansing and Programming Crystals
The Chakra System
Using Crystals for Healing Others and Self-Healing
Crystal Balls, Skulls and Pendulums.

Course consists of two training sessions.

Training fee £190 per student.

No previous experience necessary.

Level 2 - Practitioner

Course Includes:
Level 2 Treatment Method
Professional Ethics
Guidance on Professional Practice, Insurance, Advertising
Accounts,  Record Keeping, Data Protection

Course consists of Four Training Sessions
Training fee £245 per student.

Students must have completed Level 1 Training
Students will be required to write and present case studies prior to certification.

Level 3 - Advanced Practitioner

Course includes:
Crystal Intuition and Connecting with Crystal Guides
Water Crystals and Conciousness.
Crystal Elixirs
Double Terminated Crystals
Lemniscate Healing
Nets, Webs and Grids

Course consists of Four Training Sessions
Training Fee £245 per student.

Students must have competed Levels 1 and 2.


Level 4 - Master Teacher

Course includes:

Revision of Levels 1, 2 and 3
Exploration of Teaching Methods and Practice
Practical Experience of Presentations and Demonstrations
Advice on Creating your own Workshops

Course Consists of 4 Workshops

Details Available on Application

Student will be required to do coursework,
practical presentations and demonstrations.