My name is Lauren, I have been reading Tarot at The Otherworld Gallery for

over 10 years.  I am  Tarot Reader, I am not a Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant or


I strive for transparency in my readings.  If I have agreed to read for you, I will be honest in my abilities and where I cannot give definative answers or information I will tell you.

No matter your religeous, racial, ethnic, cultural, social identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or physical ability, you will be treated with respect.

Readings last approx half an hour and cost £25

to book your reading

                                                                                                       Call or Text Lauren on 07903 600775.

Tarot Readings are for Entertianiment Purposes Only in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations Fraudulent Mediums Act 2008.

Any decisions made or actions taken as a result of my readings are the sole the responsibility of the client. 

Further to a reading, I accept no responsibility for the decisions, acions or free will of the client.

I do not perform readings for anyone below the age of 18 years.

I will not perform readings for anyone I know or suspect to be under the influence of alcohol, dugs or any other noxious substance.

I reserve the right to refuse a reading to any individual at my own discretion.

I do not make predictions regarding "Unethical Topics" such as Births, Deaths or Lottery Numbers.

I do not invoke or remove Spells or Hexes.

All readings are completely private and confidential.  No information will be shared with a Third-Party unless required by Law.

Records will be kept in a confidenial manner for a minimum period of 7 years.  No records will be stored electronically.