Listed here are the current scheduled dates for Training Courses and Workshops.

Booking is Essential for all Workshops, Courses and Events.

Usui Reiki

Shoden - 1st Degree - Foundation Level
Thursday 8th August 2024
10.30am - 4pm
£190 per student. 
One full days training, plus 21 day self-healing programme

Okuden - 2nd Degree - Practitioner Level
Thursday 23rd September and 8th October 2024
10.30am - 4pm
£250 per student.
Two full days training, plus case studies
and personal development.

Shinpiden - 3rd Degree (Part A) - Master Practitioner
Dates to be Announced

Crystal Healing Training

Level 1 - Foundation
Daytime Course
Thursday 29th August 2024
10.30 - 4pm
£190 per student
One Training Session.

Level 2 - Practitioner
Dates to be Announced

Level 3 - Advanced Practitioner
Dates to be Announced

Tarot Training

A 7-week Course

Starts Thursday 19th September 2024

7 - 9pm

£150 per student.

We are required by Law to make the following statement:

Tarot Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only.

Consumer Protection Regulations  Fraudulent Mediums Act 2008

Scrying Workshop

A 4- week Course Exploring the art of Divination by means of
Water, Crystals and Dark Mirrors.

Dates to be Announced

£60 per student


A six-week course in the use of Futhark Runes for
Writing, Divination and Wyrdworking
Dates to be Announced
7pm - 9pm

£100 per person

We are legally obliged to state that Rune Readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Consumer Protection Regulations Fraudulent Mediums Act 2008

Karuna Reiki

Training Dates and Fees available on Application.

Registered and Trademarked system of Reiki Regulated by

The International Centre for Reiki (ICTR), Michigan, USA